breast implants for athletesBreasts are mostly fatty tissue, and athletes usually don’t have much in the way of body fat. As such, breast augmentation is a fairly common choice among female athletes who want the best of both worlds: an athletic physique and feminine curves. However, whether you visit our office in beautiful Scottsdale AZ for your breast augmentation or head somewhere else, you should know that breast augmentation for athletes can be a whole different ballgame.

Choose your Coach

A great surgeon is like a great coach, so you need to choose the best available to get you where you want to be. You need to be clear with doctors about your fitness routine and what it means to you, and meet with more than just one. Then use their understanding and willingness to work with your lifestyle as criteria with which to make your decision. Dr. Rochlin is a Board Certified cosmetic surgeon and has experience working with active people. She can help you get the look you want, and not at the expense of your fitness routine.

Make a Game-Plan

Once you decide on a surgeon, you’ll have to navigate a path to the right implant for you, your ideal body, and your activity level. For instance, larger implants can have an impact on your stride, if you are a runner, and the frequent movement can cause them to “sag” more than they might on a less athletic woman. Your incision placement can also have an effect on when you can resume certain activities. Anatomical, or teardrop shaped implants don’t move around when you do, so they won’t look as natural as round ones, and saline will appear less natural than silicone when you are moving. All of these are things you need to consider, and things you need to talk to your surgeon about so you know what to expect.

Consider the Cool down

You are going to have to limit your activity in the first month after your surgery. It is unavoidable, but your restrictions may be more flexible than a non-athlete’s. For instance, if you regularly run or do upper body exercises like push-ups, you may be able to do those activities in two weeks instead of four.

But you need to do two things before you start your routine up again.

  • The first is to make sure you really feel up to doing the activity. The recovery period after a major operation is not the time to push yourself.
  • The second is call your surgeon, presumably Dr. Rochlin. She knows all about your incision, your recovery speed, your implant type and its placement and she can give you an expert opinion about whether or not it’s safe to resume your regular routine.

The Takeaway

Physical exercise is a great way to stay fit and healthy, and Dr. Rochlin wants you to be able to meet your health and fitness goals while looking the way you want. There are special concerns that athletes have for cosmetic surgery, such as breast augmentation, that non-athletes wouldn’t even think of, like, “How will my implants look when I’m lifting weights?” Dr, Rochlin and her staff can answer these questions and help you meet your goals, so you can feel great and look great doing it.