Laser Scar Removal
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About Fraxel Laser Acne Scarring Treatment

Using an exclusive technology known as the Fraxel laser, these treatments work by stimulating the skin into the regeneration process. The lasers help boost collagen production, going deep into every pore and helping rebuild new, firm skin cells. Creating resilient cells is just one part of healing acne scars permanently.

The secret to how Fraxel laser treatments work for acne scars lies within the 1550 wavelength laser. The non-ablative beams are able to improve overall skin tone and texture in a single treatment. Using this rare type of laser beam wavelength allows practitioners to remove thick scar tissue and stimulate collagen production — at the same time.

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How to Prepare for Fraxel Laser Treatment in Scottsdale AZ & Gilbert AZ?

Before your appointment, you should do your everyday skincare routine with a few changes. Limit the number of exfoliation body scrubs, reduce the use of harsh cleansers, and only rinse your face with warm water and a gentle soap before the appointment. Pat your face dry with a soft, clean cloth and allow the skin specialist to take care of your skin with the Fraxel laser treatment preparation cleansing routine.

What to Expect From a Fraxel Laser Treatment?

Many people notice smoother skin after just one Fraxel laser treatment. Generally, permanent results require between 4 to 6 treatment sessions, at a rate of one appointment per month. Most people do not report any type of downtime and are able to return to their regular routine 1 to 2 days after the treatment.

After the procedure, most people do not notice any Fraxel laser treatment side effects besides some redness and swelling. For this reason, it is recommended that patients avoid direct sunlight for at least 2 days after a Fraxel laser session.

Fraxel Laser Acne Scarring Treatment FAQs

You will not notice much discomfort as the Fraxel lasers feel like a warm facial with pressure on your skin. Most people require 3 to 4 treatments to see permanent removal of their acne scars.
Today, there are thousands of 5-star reviews for Fraxel acne scar success stories. You may be able to find Fraxel treatment before and after photos that prove you should call to schedule an appointment for Fraxel laser acne scarring treatment with Dr. Rochlin, today!
Typically, patients see results after 3 to 5 sessions of non-ablative treatments with 2 to 4 weeks between appointments.
The most common reported side effects include redness, swelling, and irritation that generally goes away within 3 days or less.
Ideally, candidates are younger patients — under the age of 50 — with mild to moderate acne scarring or the early signs of aging like fine lines and wrinkles.