Fat Transfer to Face Procedure
Scottsdale AZ & Gilbert AZ

This procedure harvests excess fat from one part of the body to the face.

About Face Fat Transfer

Fat transfer to face is a cosmetic procedure that transfers fat from one part of the body to the face. The restored fat rejuvenates the face by filling areas that have drooped and minimizes wrinkles and even fine lines.

This fat grafting face procedure is an effective way to get rid of fat in one area and place it where it’s needed. Facial skin loses its elasticity much more quickly and dramatically than other body parts. Transferring fat to the face restores the chin and jawline, plump up sunken cheeks, and even restore the thin, sensitive skin under the eyes.

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How to Prepare for Fat Transfer to Face?

Fat transfer to the face begins with liposuction on the area where fat will be harvested. Not much fat is needed for face fat transfer, so the process can be done with a local anesthetic. It is then injected into the face. It is not necessary to anesthetize the entire face.

What to Expect From Face Fat Transfer in Scottsdale & Gilbert AZ?

Although there will be some swelling at the injection sites on the face, the fat transfer effects are immediately visible. Most patients only need one face fat transfer for long-lasting results.

Some recovery time may be needed from liposuction. Most people can return to their normal activities in less than a week.

Fat Transfer to Face FAQs

Pros include less chance for allergic reactions with autologous (from your own body) fat transfer. In addition, stem cells in fatty tissue provide a natural, youthful charge to facial skin and resolve acne scars. Most of all, far fewer fat cells are absorbed over time than dermal fillers; about 60% – 80% remain in place.

Cons include the fact that the procedure is done in two parts (liposuction and injection); it takes longer to do than dermal filling; liposuction requires local anesthesia, and the procedure costs more than dermal filling.

Fat grafting to face results can last for years or even be permanent.
Fat tissue has to be purified and prepared before transfer. It isn’t instantly ready like dermal fillers.
Yes, mostly due to liposuction. Patients worried about how to reduce swelling from fat transfer on the face should be assured it’s the same as with dermal fillers: cool compresses or ice wrapped in cloth.