Removal of Breast Implants
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Some women decide to have surgery for the removal of breast implants and do not get replacements.

About Breast Implant Removal Without Replacement

There are many reasons women have this procedure, even before implants start to deteriorate.

  • They don’t like the way they look.
  • They have had problems with the implants leaking, shifting, or triggering an autoimmune response (their bodies are trying to reject the implants).
  • Large breasts can cause shoulder and back pain as women age.
  • They worry about the health effects of silicone breast implants.
  • Lifestyle: Women trying to get in shape find large breasts interfere with exercising.

Breast implants can be removed through a small incision. Some surgeons prefer to drain implants first, particularly if they are leaking or have shifted and are difficult to remove.

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How to Prepare for Breast Implant Removal Surgery?

The procedure is an outpatient one and can be done with a local anesthetic that numbs the surgical area.

Patients will be told to stop taking supplements and certain medications for about two weeks before surgery. They should also avoid smoking, aspirin and NSAIDs intake. Those who request sedation should stop eating and drinking the night before surgery.

What to Expect From Removal of Implants Without Replacement?

Women who have had their breast implants removed will have a recovery similar to that of breast reduction. Their breasts will be tightly bound with surgical bandages to promote healing. They will stay on for a day or two. When removed, breasts will look shrunken and a bit wrinkled.

Removal of Implants FAQ

About two weeks at home and up to six weeks before resuming a normal schedule.
After surgery, breasts may be swollen in some areas and concave in others.
However, as tissue pushed aside by implants redistributes and resettles, the concaves fill in and nipples return to their natural shape within two or three weeks. They may be very sensitive.
Ruptures result in misshapen breast and ripples. Silicone ruptures may bring muscle and joint pain, muscle weakness, and fatigue.
Really, as quickly as possible because silicone can cause health problems, particularly if it migrates to another part of the body. Women who have silicone implants are advised to have yearly mammograms.
Some women undergo removal of breast implants under the muscle because of capsule contracture, in which scar tissue tightens and becomes painful. Removal of breast implants after mastectomy is often due to higher complication rates not fully understood.