Dermaplane Treatment
Scottsdale AZ & Gilbert AZ

About the Dermaplane Facial

The manual exfoliation known as dermaplane treatment is a skin resurfacing therapy in which patients enjoy cleaner pores. While removing all of the dead skin cells, lingering sebum, oils, skin care products, and environmental toxins, the experienced skin care technicians are able to deeply cleanse your skin.

Unlike other exfoliation therapies, dermaplane treatments are able to not only slough off dead skin cells and remove the gunk that clogs your pores for numerous benefits, but also eliminate irritating vellus hairs (peach fuzz).

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How to Prepare for the Dermaplane in Scottsdale AZ & Gilbert AZ?

It is easy to prepare for a dermaplane treatment. All you need to do is make slight modifications to your everyday skincare routine. In doing this, you will need to reduce the duration of your exfoliation treatments at home, and also eliminate harsh cleansers and abrasive skin care tools. The day of your Dermaplane therapy appointment, simply wash your face and apply a fragrance-free moisturizer.

What to Expect From a Dermaplane Facial?

Some of the most commonly reported benefits of Dermaplane treatments in Scottsdale AZ & Gilbert AZ include the removal of fine hairs on the face. The result of this hair removal is ultra-soft skin that is also incredibly smooth. Over time, dermaplane treatments are also known to deliver effective relief from hyperpigmentation and smooth uneven skin texture.

Dermaplane Treatment FAQs

This simple procedure is non-invasive and considered a safe skin treatment for exfoliation. Targeting skin problems at the top layer of the skin (epidermis), dermaplane therapy removes dead skin cells, unclogs pores, and reveals a radiant completion free of lingering fine hairs.

Numerous benefits of dermaplane include smoother skin, deeper skin care product penetration, softer skin, reduced scarring, less facial hair, and an overall glowing complexion.

Dermaplane patients enjoy smoother skin and hair removal all in one procedure, while also cleansing the skin deep within the pores. Microdermabrasion therapy provides an added bonus of suctioning the pores all over the face — spots where inflammation of clogged pores causes skin problems.

The dermaplane method of exfoliation works to remove the layer of dead, dull skin that makes your complexion look older. You will shine from within with a dewy glow of fresh skin cells after a dermaplane treatment. It is recommended for all skin types.