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There is not a woman who does not want full, sexy lips. We lust after celebrities who have a sexy pout, and we try to imitate it by being a bit too generous with lipstick. The size and shape of our lips are genetically determined, but we do not necessarily need to put up with what nature gave us. If you feel your lips could use a boost call the number at the top of this page or click the pink button to request a complimentary consultation. Procedures in lip augmentation and lip injections in Scottsdale are designed to create fuller-looking lips while reducing the wrinkles that form around their outer edges. Common techniques used in lip augmentation today include dermal filler injection and lip implants. View before and after images in our Gallery.

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If you want fuller lips with a larger kissable area, then lip augmentation in Scottsdale is probably right for you. These procedures can reshape, rejuvenate and add volume to the lip area. The procedure can also correct certain cosmetic imperfections of the lips, including the following:

  • Thin lips
  • Flat lips
  • Wrinkles around the lips
  • Asymmetry of the lips
  • Vertical perioral lines

While each patient is evaluated on an individual basis, those who are prone to skin eruptions near the lips may be advised to skip this procedure. Tell the facial cosmetic surgeon if you are taking the medication isotretinoin (also known as Accutane) as there may be increased risk for keloid scarring.

The most popular method of lip augmentation involves the injection of a soft tissue filler to plump the lips. This procedure is done with topical or local anesthesia to ensure comfort. The filler is placed along the lip lines, with extra care taken to preserve a natural appearance. Injections are placed to augment the upper lip, lower lip and Cupid’s bow.

After injection, ice may be applied for about 30 minutes to reduce swelling.

Many patients return to work or their regular activities immediately following the injections. You will see the results immediately. Hyaluronic acid fillers are often used, which provide results that last 3 to 6 months or longer. The most common side effects reported are bruising and swelling, which subsides within a few days.


One of the greatest challenges in plastic and cosmetic surgery has been the search for an exceptional solution to tissue augmentation. Past methodologies, both temporary and permanent, have met with disappointing results for both physician and patient.

Temporary solutions typically involve the use of commercially produced fillers or autologous fat, which can be unpredictable with respect to how long they last, and require repetitive treatments that are painful, repetitive, and costly.

Permanent solutions have relied on implants that may, due to their surface characteristics, promote tissue ingrowth. This may result in a restriction of movement and an unnatural appearance.

Lip Implant Procedure in Scottsdale and Gilbert, AZ as seen on “The Doctors“