Fat Transfer Surgery
Scottsdale AZ & Gilbert AZ

Fat transfer surgery takes unwanted fat from one part of the body and purifies and prepares it to use in another part.

About Body Fat Transfer Surgery in Scottsdale AZ & Gilbert AZ

Fat transfer surgery, also called fat transfer body sculpting, takes excess fat from the abdomen, thighs, or knees and uses it in areas that need additional volume. Most fat transfer goes to the face, hands, or breasts. Buttocks are targeted to provide fat or receive it for shaping

Fat is removed with liposuction. It’s then sterilized and injected into areas to combat aging effects from thinning skin, prominent veins, and bone loss in the face. Adding fat to the hands covers protruding veins. It fills in hollowed-out areas on the face, like cheeks and under the eyes, and adds shape to breasts and buttocks.

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How to Prepare for Fat Transfer Surgery?

Most of the preparation for body fat transfer is related to liposuction prep. Patients are usually advised to stop taking painkillers and avoid alcohol up to two weeks before the procedure, as these can cause additional bleeding. Those who take blood thinners should consult the prescribing doctor about adjusting the medication.

What to Expect From Fat Transfer Surgery?

Many patients will see the results of fat transfer right away, in the areas that receive the fat injections. Depending on how much fat is removed (more will be needed for fat transfer body sculpting on breasts or buttocks), they may see less fat in the areas that had liposuction.

Fat Transfer Body Sculpting in Scottsdale AZ & Gilbert AZ FAQs

No, injection area(s) are numbed with a topical gel.
Yes. Liposuction has been used for years and is considered quite safe. Safety becomes a factor when too much fat is removed in one session, something the best fat transfer doctors will not permit.
No, local anesthetics are used. In fact, the best fat transfer surgeons use it even for patients who need minimal liposuction for fat transfer to the face or hands. And since the fat will be reused, liposuction will be extra gentle to preserve the cells.
Many patients can see some results right away. Full results are visible when swelling is completely resolved, usually within two weeks, depending on the areas treated.
Unlike dermal fillers, transferred fat cells are a natural match for your body. Sixty to 80% of fat cells will not be reabsorbed; results can last for several years! Plus, fat tissue contains stem cells, which bring the added bonus of generating new, healthy, and young tissue to the transfer area.

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