Saline Breast Implant Overfill
Scottsdale AZ & Gilbert AZ

If you’re considering breast implants, you may have questions about saline breast implant overfill.

About Saline Implant Overfill

Many women turned to saline implants for breasts following well-publicized stories about problems that appear to have stemmed from silicone gel implants made by one manufacturer.

Saline implants do not contain any potentially harmful substances (and for the record, today’s silicone implants hold up to the FDA’s newer and stricter safety requirements). They generally feel more natural than silicone, adding to their appeal.

Saline implant manufacturers allow overfilling by up to ten percent to account for women who want more volume to better balance out height, or who simply want larger breasts. Some cosmetic surgeons also overfill to avoid ripples in the breasts.

How to Prepare for Saline Implant Overfill in Scottsdale AZ & Gilbert AZ?

The best prep is to discuss your desire for large breasts with your surgeon. While there are no rules about how large breasts should be, some women just do not have enough tissue coverage on their breasts to handle an overfill. Silicone implants may be a better choice for them.

What to Expect From Saline Implant Overfill?

Saline implants can be overfilled during the initial implant procedure or later if the patient feels she wants more volume.

Patients having the procedure for the first time can literally handle an implant to see how it feels with different amounts of overfill. Saline implants can be done with smaller incisions than silicone.

Saline Implant Overfill FAQs

Yes, if an implant is overfilled more than the manufacturer specifies. Reputable surgeons are very careful to stay within guidelines and avoid overstretching the implant.

Ruptures are more likely to occur as implant ages; that’s one reason why implants should be replaced after about ten years and why women with implants should have yearly mammograms.

Underfilling saline implants runs the risk of deflation and subsequent rupture.

Overfilled saline implants can create fake-looking, overly-rounded breasts. There is real artistry in performing this procedure correctly, which Dr. Rochlin takes very seriously.
CC, or cubic centimeter, is used for liquid measurement in medicine. In breast implants, they refer to the volume of the implant. This varies among women, depending on breast tissue density and other physical factors. For example, breast tissue softens after each pregnancy.