Virtual Consulting

Virtual Consulting

In light of the world’s recent shift to virtual work habits, online consultations have quickly risen into popularity. While virtual options have been available through the healthcare industry’s shift to digital health and medicine, the opportunity to visit a doctor without stepping foot into an office is now more appealing than ever.

As expected, questions arise about the prospect of online meetings, especially when it comes to those in healthcare and cosmetics. For most visits, clients can achieve their needs via online consultation. Practicing physicians are able to get face time with patients to make adequate assessments, and patients can freely express their concerns and needs.

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Benefits of a Virtual Consult

A variety of reasons leaves clients satisfied with online appointments concerning their wellness, beauty, and continued work toward enhancing confidence. Here are few of the top benefits to see your doctor over a smart device:

  • Eliminate wait times

As physicians and healthcare staff adjust to seeing patients online, the workflow becomes more efficient every day. Expect to see your doctor on time when you log in online for your appointment. And without needing to drive to the office, you can plan on avoiding time spent traveling, parking, and getting settled with the receptionist. 

  • Schedule a time that works for you

As the workflow becomes more efficient and as you save time on travel, you can be choosier with selecting the appointment time that works best for your schedule.

  • Fill out necessary paperwork beforehand

Paperwork is easier than ever as all updates can be made online before you sign on for your visit.

Tips for Your Virtual Consult MD

  • Schedule an hour free of distraction: To get the most out of your session, schedule a time slot where you can most reliably be the most attentive and distraction-free.
  • Designate a clean space: Do your best to clear a space for your appointment, even if it’s as simple as clearing off a section of the countertop and setting up your laptop.
  • Check Wi-Fi connection and login info: Before it’s time for your session, be sure to verify your account login information and Wi-Fi connection so that you can sign on without any delays.

Dr. Semone Rochlin

Would you like to schedule a virtual appointment with Dr. Rochlin? We are still available to take care of our clients, including scheduling virtual sessions. Learn more about the services we offer online by getting in contact with a member of our team today.