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Let’s Talk About Breast Reconstruction Surgery

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Breast augmentation is one of the most popular cosmetic surgery procedures today, and with good reason. The reasons women seek breast enhancement are as varied as the women themselves. As a female cosmetic surgeon, I meet with women every day who are looking to bolster their confidence and want to look as amazing as they feel.

We can use a variety of breast reconstruction procedures to correct volume loss after pregnancy, enlarge or reduce the breasts to be more proportional to the body, balance dramatic breast size asymmetry, and lift the breasts back to a more pleasing level. We also perform breast implant revisions to correct complications from surgeries performed by other surgeons.

It’s important to know that a slight difference in the size or shape of the breasts is considered normal and natural looking.

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I tell my patients all the time,
“Your breasts are sisters, not twins.”

More than just Breast Reconstruction Surgery

My gregarious nature and gift for building relationships with my patients makes our practice unique and special. Our nurturing and supportive team will hold your hand when you’re anxious and won’t be afraid to tell you if the implant size you’re eyeing won’t actually give you the look you’re after.

So don’t worry about teardrop, round, smooth, textured, and gummy.

We’ll get there.

And my years of experience performing thousands of breast reconstruction surgeries in the Scottsdale and Gilbert area will lead us to the perfect procedure and implant for your body. If you’ve been looking for a female breast reconstruction surgeon who will give it to you straight, look no further!

As much as we’re medical providers, we’re also expert listeners, and you can’t overlook that when finding the right cosmetic surgeon for YOU. Not for your sister, or your coworker, or even your best friend. You.

Every doctor has a different aesthetic and it’s important that you like what you see. When scrolling through before and after photos, it’s easy to be distracted by lighting and skin tones.

Look for women whose before pictures resemble your body and breasts. Weight, age, breast shape, skin texture, and rib cage are all factors when choosing which breast reconstruction procedure is best for you, how it will be performed, and which implants are appropriate for your desired outcome.

The consultation with Breast Reconstruction Surgeon

Don’t be afraid to ask tons of questions about breast reconstruction surgery and honestly express what is beautiful to you. Some women want a dramatic, attention-garnering profile with luscious cleavage. Others are looking for a more natural look— and make sure that your doctor’s idea of natural matches your own.

That’s why I spend so much time with each of my patients. In your initial consultation we’ll spend a lot of time chatting about you, your lifestyle, and your expectations for your final results. And of course, we’ll spend some time squishing implants and trying them on with our special sizer bra— that’s the fun part.

Now let’s Talk About the Safety of Breast Reconstruction Surgery

You want your body to reflect how amazing you feel. But you may be concerned about the risks involved with breast reconstruction surgery. After all, I’m a woman. You’re a woman. And we’re really good at putting the needs of others’ first, whether that’s our closest circle of friends, our colleagues, or our families. You know that you are needed and don’t want to take any unnecessary risks.

Relax. You’re in good hands. The very best. As a board certified general surgeon, I have seen it all. I perform all of my surgeries at approved ambulatory surgical centers in Scottsdale and Gilbert, where surgeons perform specialty outpatient procedures on a daily basis. All facilities are fully licensed with the State of Arizona and conveniently located to serve patients from all parts of the valley including Phoenix, Tempe, Chandler, and Paradise Valley.

I’m also incredibly picky about which products I deem to be safe enough for my patients. You’re not buying a pair of shoes. This is going inside of your body. Only the safest and most trusted materials make the cut. I trust Mentor implants for a myriad of reasons, including that they are manufactured exclusively in the US.

For your peace of mind, Mentor was the first breast implant manufacturer in the industry to offer a patient Limited Warranty on all of their breast implants. Mentor’s relationship with you does not end on the day of your breast reconstruction surgery. After the amount of consideration and time you have given this decision, you deserve the peace of mind that comes with knowing you’ve partnered with an industry leader. Mentor proudly stands behind the products they manufacture with their product replacement policy and limited warranty programs.

You’ve learned enough from “Dr. Google”

Maybe you’re ready to make the leap and do the breast reconstruction surgery in Scottsdale or GIlbert, AZ. Maybe you’re still in the research and exploration phase. Don’t be afraid to come in if it’s the latter! We’ll never pressure you to schedule a procedure before you’re ready. In fact, we advise women to hold off for one reason or another all the time.

Either way, after a complimentary consultation with me you’ll have all of your questions answered and, hopefully, the information you need to make an informed decision.

Safe, effective breast procedures in Scottsdale and Phoenix AZ.
Whether you need a breast lift or breast reconstruction, I provide a wide range of breast procedures to my patients in the Scottsdale and Phoenix AZ area. With extensive experience in the medical industry, I am proud to offer the most reliable surgical procedures to improve the appearance of your breasts.

Providing a comprehensive, personalized surgical plan for every patient is my specialty. In addition, I am always here for guidance and after care. Book a consultation with me to discuss your treatment options today.