Temporal Brow Lift Surgery
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Temporal Brow Lift Procedure

A brow lift smooths and tightens facial skin above the eyes, where it can often sag and develop furrows over time. Depending on the amount of repair needed, a person can have a non-surgical brow lift or actual brow lift surgery. Both are outpatient procedures that require anesthesia and should be done only by qualified brow lift surgeons.

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Sagging forehead skin can give a person a misleading appearance! It can make a person look like they’re angry and seem unapproachable. Or they may look tired or worried and give the impression that they are unwell.

One of the most striking results of a brow lift before and after a procedure is how the eyes become more visible. Even if a person didn’t think he or she had small eyes, this procedure can really bring out the eyes.

Not all brow repair needs to be surgical. A Botox brow lift can achieve many of the results seen in surgical procedures.

Botox focuses on the frown lines between the eyebrows that often make a person appear angry. A cosmetic facial surgeon injects Botox in this area to relax the muscles underneath and give way to smoother skin. There may also be injections at the ends of the eyebrows as well, to help the muscles in the area relax and allow the skin to de-wrinkle.

The cost of this type of brow lift may be lower than you would expect as the cost of Botox has decreased. Results can be seen within one week to one month after the procedure, which takes mere minutes to complete and lasts for a few months.

Brow lift surgery, or temporal brow lift, is an outpatient surgical procedure. The surgeon makes one-inch incisions above the hairline, just over each temple, to manipulate the tissue under the outer brow areas. It can be done alongside eyelid surgery (blepharoplasty).

Patients may feel like their forehead is a little tight after the surgery, and there will be some swelling at the incision sites. This is normal, and they can usually return to non-strenuous jobs within a week. Once the swelling goes down, the results will be obvious. Patients can resume their normal activities after a few weeks and almost always within a month, and with the surgeon’s approval.

A temporal procedure can last for years, particularly with good skin care hygiene and sunscreen protection. Skin also benefits from regular physical activity. Patients who smoke, though, may see some deterioration over time.

Temporal brow lift costs are modest compared to other cosmetic surgery, and the practice offers various financing options.