Hand Rejuvenation Treatment
Scottsdale AZ & Gilbert AZ

Cosmetic hand rejuvenation is a popular anti-aging treatment in Arizona.

About Hand Rejuvenation Treatment

Hands are probably the hardest-working part of our bodies and age faster than other body parts. If you value your hands’ appearance with regular manicures, lotions, and jewelry, you want them to look good (even if they’re still working full-time!). Hand rejuvenation is the answer.

After cosmetic hand rejuvenation hands show more volume, fewer wrinkles and veins, and balanced skin tone — even age spots are faded or gone. The skin is more elastic and looks more supple and youthful. They also feel smoother. All of this is achieved without surgery and minimal discomfort, if any.

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How to Prepare for Hand Rejuvenation in Scottsdale AZ & Gilbert AZ?

Preparation for hand rejuvenation treatment begins with deciding what you want to be done since different procedures address different issues.

  • Hands with uneven tone or age spots can be treated with chemical peels or laser therapy.
  • Wrinkled, veiny hands can be built up with injections of collagen or autologous fat harvested from your own body.

What to Expect From Cosmetic Hand Rejuvenation Treatment?

Virtually all our patients are thrilled with treatment results. While many can see (and feel softer skin) immediately after treatment, full effects are clear within two weeks. There may be some swelling and bruises for a short time.

Treatment effects last for 18 months or longer. Bonus: collagen and fat injections stimulate collagen growth.

Hand Rejuvenation Treatment in Scottsdale AZ & Gilbert AZ FAQs

Injections rarely leave scars. If you opt for fat transfer, we do make a tiny incision at the wrist to insert a cannula. There may be a minuscule scar there that is easily hidden by jewelry or clothing.

We use liposuction to gently remove fat from an excess area of your body (usually a hip or thigh) and put it through a purification and sterilization process before injecting it. Only a small amount of fat is needed for hand rejuvenation therapy. Liposuction is safe, and for this process, extremely gentle since we will be re-using the fat.

People who smoke heal slower than nonsmokers in general. If you have diabetes, you may heal more slowly and see less dramatic results.
Yes, and the effects can last longer if you make sure to put sunscreen on when you’re outdoors.
Costs vary by treatment. Fat transfer is highest because it’s a three-step process (liposuction, fat preparation, and injection), but it lasts longer than other treatments.

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