Areola Reduction Procedure
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About Areola Reduction Procedure

An areola reduction procedure is one of the most common ways to address the pigmented areas surrounding your nipples. The areolas vary in shape, color, and size, and so over time, many people experience problems with breast appearance for a variety of reasons. Dissatisfaction with the way your breasts look is common and so areola reduction is a simple way to balance the look of large areolas.

It is common for both men and women to enjoy the results of an areola reduction procedure. However, for women, the results can be further improved by coupling procedures, for example, a breast lift and areola reduction commonly address the problematic issue of ample breasts sagging with age.

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How to Prepare for Areola Reduction Procedure in Scottsdale AZ & Gilbert AZ

You can prepare for areola reduction naturally at home by simply adjusting your everyday regimen. The night before your areola reduction surgery, you may have specific instructions on what to eat and drink. You may also need to have a mammogram (breast X-ray) before surgery if you are over the age of 45.

What to Expect From Areola Reduction Procedure

After an areola reduction procedure, the area will be wrapped in an elastic bandage and you may need to wear a special surgical bra designed to protect the gauze. For the first few days after the procedure, you may notice the pain. However, after a day or two, the bandages are removed. Then, you can usually wear a sports bra and return to your everyday routine.

Areola Reduction FAQs

Immediately after your areola reduction procedure, you may have an adverse reaction to the results. This is common due to the darker color of the small circular scar or other body image adjustments – and that is ok! It is common to take at least a year to see the full effects of the areola reduction procedure. Yet, when the scarring smooths away, almost all of the patients enjoy their areola reduction before and after pictures. That is why it is highly recommended to take pictures every 3 to 6 weeks during your healing process.
Ideal candidates for areola reduction typically have stretched or enlarged breasts, raised or puffy nipples, abnormalities in the breast area at the nipple or areola, a distorted shape or another deformity they desire to correct.

An areola reduction procedure may work best in conjunction with additional breast augmentation procedures. However, many patients are able to enjoy symmetrical results and smooth scar areas on average in one to two years.

While some breast augmentation procedures fall into the gray area, it can be easy to find ways to facilitate the cost for areola reduction surgery. Do not wait to find out how easy it can be to get the results you want. Talk to a skin specialist about the cost of areola reduction surgery. It can be easily manageable with planning.

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