Donyea Skin Care

With great honor Dr. Rochlin proudly presents the Donyea Skincare Collection in loving memory of her baby sister.

Maintaining a healthy skin care routine has never been easier. Donyea Skin Care collection contains innovative cosmetic products that will help you nurture your skin with ease.

The importance of a proper skin care routine is of great significance not only for the individual’s physical appearance but also for the overall health and wellbeing. Taking proper care of your skin will postpone the inevitable aging process and ensure a healthy look of your skin.

The Donyea Skin Care collection is a medical grade skin care line only available at Dr. Rochlin’s office. The anti-aging skin care line is specifically created for sensitive and acne prone skin. This collection contains all the products you will need in order to keep your skin healthy and blooming.

Skin texture, the way it behaves, and its reaction to various cosmetic products vary from person to person. Not all facial skin needs the same treatment; that is why we offer a complimentary skin evaluation. This evaluation allows us to create the perfect program that will improve your skin’s overall health and appearance.

When you’re happy with your skin, you feel more beautiful and confident. Dr. Rochlin’s goal is to deliver satisfying results by finding the perfect treatment for your skin. Let’s take a look at Donyea Skin Care collection products.

Donyea Skin Care Collection

Microdermabrasion Scrub

MicroDERM Scrub

Exfoliation is an essential part of a healthy skin care routine. The Donyea age-defense MicroDERM Scrub exfoliates skin deeply to improve dull or uneven skin color. It is perfectly gentle and can be used as once a week treatment.

1131 Micronized BPO Cleanser 10% (new)

Micronized BPO Gel Cleanser 10%

An innovative age-defense formula prevents and eliminates the development of Cutibacterium (Propionibacterium) acnes. The Gel Cleanser contains the world’s first non-irritating form of benzoyl peroxide, perfect for sensitive skin. It clears pores of acne-causing bacteria and cellular debris within 24 hours.

5502_Revitalizing Cleanser (new)

Revitalizing Cleanser

The revitalizing cleanser contains 11 botanical essential oils and extracts that help remove impurities. It is a gentle and ultra-hydrating age-defense cleanser that hydrates the skin with essential anti-aging nutrients.

1476 Pore Refining Toner

Pore Refining Toner

Donyea acne-defense toner is a multipurpose solution that ensures your skin stay clear, clean, and healthy. It controls excess oil, removes dead skin cells, dirt and cellular debris from deep pores, soothes skin, and eliminates acne associated with irritation.

2481_Radiant-C Cream

Radiant-C Booster

Radian-C booster contains a powerful potent blend of five forms of self-stabilized, bioavailable Vitamin C. It is a great age-defense skin solution that delivers vitamin C four times more efficiently than other leading formulas.

4581_HA Collagen Booster

HA Collagen Booster

HA collagen booster form Donyea Skin Care collection smoothes out fine lines and wrinkles while increasing hydration within the skin.

5593_SPF 45 Medium Tint

SPF 45 Medium Booster

Donyea Skin Care SPF 45 Medium Booster moisturizes the skin and provides sheer color coverage blending naturally to match almost every skin tone.

1161_Clear Defense SPF 45

Clear Defense SPF 45

Oil-free and lightweight SPF solution. The advanced fast-absorbing sun-defense formula features a high level of Niacinamide.

5752_Ultra Hydrating Booster

Ultra Hydrating Booster

Potent, exceptionally penetrative, intensely hydrating serum contains Hyaluronic Acid to restore the skin back to its natural hydration and beauty.

5561_Acne Control Serum

Acne Control Serum

This fast-drying Acne Control Serum helps kill acne-causing bacteria. Made with non-irritating micronized benzoyl peroxide penetrates deep within pores and is safe for sensitive skin. Gylcolic acid gently exfoliates and clears away cellular debris within 24 hours.

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