Acne Facial Treatment
Scottsdale AZ & Gilbert AZ

About Acne Facial

An acne facial targets all of the causes of breakouts, including pimples, whiteheads, blackheads, rosacea, recurring blemishes of all types, and scaring. The results of professional acne treatment are hard to beat with do it yourself (DIY) solutions like scrubs, washes, and topical treatments.

Regardless of your everyday skincare routine, an esthetician can provide your skin a fresh start, even after harsh bouts with acne.

The procedure starts with a deep skin cleansing, then a customized facial is applied, allowed to set, and then removed. Your skin is cleansed and toned, and you can return to your everyday routine with immediate results.

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Acne Facial Benefits:

  • Freedom from acne stress
  • The ability to wear any makeup
  • No pimples to pop
  • Less time washing your face
  • Fewer acne solutions needed
  • Cleaner skin
  • Less irritation
  • No infections or scaring

How to Prepare for an Acne Facial Treatment in Scottsdale AZ & Gilbert AZ?

Before your appointment for an acne facial, wash your face gently, use a clean dry cloth to pat your face dry, and then spot treat any existing blemishes. Treat your entire face with a gentle toner and sleep on clean linen. If you have any open wounds, be sure to contact the office before your appointment to discuss it with your skincare professional.

What to Expect From an Acne Facial Treatment?

You can expect your face to reveal a new, dewy glow from the treatment, and of course, fewer breakouts in the days that follow. Acne treatment results vary from person to person, but almost everyone, regardless of their skin type or age, can get the results they have been wanting from a professional session or series of acne facials. You can also expect to notice a deeper, lasting feeling of clean skin that is almost impossible to achieve at home.

Acne Facial Treatment FAQs

Some of the most common benefits of repeated acne facial treatments include cleaner skin, freedom from breakouts, ability to wear makeup, and fewer infections.
Designing a long-term skin care plan with a professional can help you maintain clearer skin, balanced sebum production, and low-cost regenerative therapies that work for you.
It is recommended to maintain a regular schedule of professional acne treatments to maintain balanced skin. Ideal for acne-scarred skin, the acne facial also addresses pore congestion, blockages, skin bacterial balance, sebum buildup, shine, scaring, and more.
These may involve everything from monthly exfoliation body scrubs, stone massage, or microneedling rejuvenation. This is just a small sample of the list of available treatments that may also include salicylic acid treatments, hydroxy-peels, laser facials, and more.
Let your esthetician manage your facials after you share your at-home skin care routine with them. Together, you can design a schedule of appointments, that may also include other skincare services for your skin, which will ensure that your skin stays acne-free.

If you have problems with acne, regular facial treatment for acne scars should be a part of your everyday skin care regimen. So, do not wait to call the office of Dr. Rochlin where you can find the most skilled acne facial specialists.