Lower Mini Face Lift
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Mini Face Lifts Procedure

A mini lower face lift concentrates on tightening sagging or droopy skin that develops into jowls on the bottom half of the face. It is considered “mini” since it is not a whole facelift.

Unlike a full facelift, a lower mini face lift tightens the tissue under the skin instead of restructuring it. This can postpone the need for a more extensive facelift for several years, even as it dramatically reverses the effects of aging on the skin.

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Cosmetic surgeons know that it’s not unusual for people to consider mini face lifts during middle age. Many people become self-conscious with the emergence of a sagging skin that gives the appearance of a double chin, receding chin, or jowls.

Others dislike the shadows left by so-called laugh lines (nasolabial folds), which are indentations on either side of the nose. While people of all ages show laugh lines when they smile, these folds can deepen and become more prominent with age.

Weight gain and loss can also affect skin tightness in the face and under the chin.

Take a look at mini face lifts before and after photos, and you’ll see some truly astonishing improvements in lower facial structure. All these improvements come from lifting and tightening tissues and muscles that have had a lifetime of activity.

The mini face lift is an outpatient procedure. General anesthesia or local anesthesia with sedation is used, depending on the extent of the surgery. Most procedures take less than two hours.

The surgeon makes small cuts in the hairline above each ear or in nearby creases. They lift and tighten structural muscles around the cheeks to eliminate jowls, and may reshape some of the muscles to make the jaw and chin more prominent. Excess fat is often removed as well, to literally reduce weight in the area. The procedure may also focus on strengthening tissues around the neck.

Patients recover from mini face lifts in about half the time for full-on facelifts. Most are back at work a few days after surgery and resume their usual activities within two weeks.

A lower mini face lift takes years off a patient’s face, and for those who take care of their skin and overall health, the effect can last for years. It’s also important to maintain a steady weight — rapid weight gain can stretch the skin and lead to the formation of jowls or sag when excess pounds are lost.

For many patients, a mini face lift is an excellent investment. Patients are relieved to be rid of the sagging chin and are thrilled to have their old facial structure back. Cosmetic surgeons hear stories about patients who are lifted out of depression or isolation after the procedures.

Mini lower face lift cost varies according to the extent of work required. Our office offers financial aid to patients and accepts a variety of payments.

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