Earlobe & Gauge Repair
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Earlobe and Gauge Reconstruction Surgery

Do you need earlobe reconstruction in Scottsdale AZ? Board certified plastic surgeon Dr. Rochlin specializes in earlobe and gauge repair surgery to correct tears from piercing and enlarged earlobes. Equipped with state-of-the-art technology, she provides simple yet effective solutions for fixing your earlobe issues.

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About Earlobe Plastic Surgery in Scottsdale & Gilbert AZ

Earlobe plastic surgery is usually done to repair the damage that stretched out the earlobe or to fix stretched or torn piercings.

In the past, both were the result of years of wearing heavy earrings, whether clip-on or for pierced ears, or as a result of botched home piercings. Today, earlobe gauge repair is another reason patients seek earlobe repair surgery. For those who are unfamiliar, gauges are done after piercing to create holes for decorations that fit inside the lobes.

How to Prepare for Earlobe Reduction or Gauge Repair Surgery?

Very little prep is needed for earlobe repair surgery. The earlobe is made up of fat and skin — that’s why it stretches easily — therefore, local anesthesia to numb the area is sufficient.

You may be told to stop taking certain medications, vitamins, and supplements for several days before and after surgery.

What to Expect From Earlobe Reconstruction or Gauge Repair Surgery?

Some earlobe reconstruction surgeries in Scottsdale & Gilbert AZ need to be bandaged for a couple of days, but most only need antibiotic ointment and oral medication. Aspirin will relieve any residual pain.

Major restrictions include holding off on shampooing for a few days and not putting pressure — including pressing phones — to your ear for a week.

Earlobe Plastic Surgery and Gauge Repair FAQs

Ear gauge repair has been on the rise as patients “age out” of wearing ear gauges. Our typical ear gauge repair patients are in their 20s.

In the past, most earlobe reconstruction surgery candidates were about 60 years of age, whose earlobes naturally enlarged with age and/or were pulled down by earrings.

Most earlobe surgeries run under a half hour per lobe.
Earlobe surgery is one of the fastest, least invasive, and safest kinds of plastic surgery.
Few patients experience pain after earlobe surgery.
Earlobe reduction surgery is often combined with facelifts. (In these instances, the patient is sedated and asleep.)
The numbing agents used during earlobe surgery have no side effects. Patients can even drive themselves home!
Most patients have tiny scars after earlobe surgery that heal quickly and disappear after about a year.
You can re-pierce your ears after earlobe surgery, within several weeks for minor earlobe repair and after about three months after earlobe reconstruction.

Dr. Rochlin can close up the hole and re-pierce your ears for you after you’re fully healed.

You’ll need repair surgery because the military will not accept applicants with earlobes enlarged by gauging.

Consult with Dr. Rochlin today to discuss the surgical procedure in detail.