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Breast Augmentation: Dr. Rochlin's Got Your Back (and Front!) In the age of self-expression and body positivity, the search for the 'perfect breasts' is not about adhering to societal standards, but about feeling confident in your own skin. Whether it's a matter of size, shape, or symmetry, Dr. Rochlin is here to help you navigate the path to your ideal self. Let's dive into the world of breast augmentation and understand how you can achieve the transformation you desire. [...]

Breast Augmentation2024-03-12T23:57:05-07:00

Breast Lift vs Breast Implants – What Is the Difference?

When you're not happy about the way your breasts look and how you feel about them, consider speaking to a doctor about your options. Breast augmentation is a good option for women who want to transform their breasts. Reasons to Have Your Breasts Done A common reason why many women choose these procedures is due to the changes that their bodies go through during pregnancy. If you breastfed one or more of your children, you may find that your [...]

Breast Lift vs Breast Implants – What Is the Difference?2023-10-16T05:20:11-07:00
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