Gynecomastia Surgery – 5 Facts You Need To Know

When one thinks of gynecomastia, the term “man boobs” quickly comes to mind. Gynecomastia can result for a number of reasons, but a hormonal imbalance of testosterone and estrogen is cited as most prevalent. For a man that takes pride in his physical appearance, the thought of anyone noticing your man boobs is a crippling fear that leaves you feeling hopeless. While this condition is known to be somewhat common (affecting more than 1/3 of the world’s men), the psychological [...]

Gynecomastia Surgery – 5 Facts You Need To Know2023-10-16T06:46:02-07:00

Semone Rochlin: A Surgeon for All Seasons

Spring is for planting. Summer is for growing. Fall is for harvesting. Winter is for… hot chocolate. All seasons have their upsides and downsides and they all mark the passage of time.  Much like the seasons of the year, there are seasons in a woman’s life. We go through periods of change as we grow older, and our needs, wants, and expectations (especially from our bodies) change too. As a woman, Dr. Rochlin understands these changes and how they affect [...]

Semone Rochlin: A Surgeon for All Seasons2023-08-28T00:23:16-07:00
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