Spring is for planting.seasons

Summer is for growing.

Fall is for harvesting.

Winter is for… hot chocolate.

All seasons have their upsides and downsides and they all mark the passage of time.  Much like the seasons of the year, there are seasons in a woman’s life. We go through periods of change as we grow older, and our needs, wants, and expectations (especially from our bodies) change too. As a woman, Dr. Rochlin understands these changes and how they affect the way we see ourselves, and she knows how to help us address the issues we have without judgement.

The Spring After Puberty

“Now wait,” you’re probably saying to yourself, “Puberty ends in your teens.”

Kind of.

Women actually don’t stop growing until their mid- to late-twenties, and their bodies can change quite a bit between 18 and 25. Sometimes these changes make you happy. Sometimes, not so much.

Maybe you feel you were shorted a cup-size or two in the bounty that puberty bestowed upon you. Or maybe you feel you were given a little too much and you want to save your shoulders and back from the strain of your voluminous bust.

Either way, breast procedures, such as augmentation or reduction, are especially common requests for women in this age group, and a qualified surgeon like Dr. Rochlin can help you find the size you are looking for, whatever your reason.

The Summer of Motherhood

Ah, motherhood. So exhausting but so rewarding. Late nights and quick showers aren’t the only problems moms find themselves facing, though. Pregnancy and breastfeeding wreak havoc on the body, and once the tidal wave of hormones subsides and all is said (and stretched) and done, it is not uncommon to be less than pleased with the body you have as a result. In fact, it is so understandable and so common for moms to want to revamp their look post-pregnancy and child birth that there is even a special procedure package just for that.

Dr. Rochlin’s Mommy Makeover package generally includes a tummy tuck for removing loose skin and tightening the abdominal muscles, liposuction to get rid of that stubborn baby-fat, and a breast augmentation and/or lift to get the girls back in shape after the stretching and shrinking that comes with nursing. You’ll feel back to your old self, minus the sleep–and everybody is happy if Momma’s happy.

The Autumn of Pre-Menopause

Mother Nature is not particularly kind to her daughters. Every time we think we have a handle on how our body looks, every time we make peace with our appearance, another season comes along and brings with it new changes. As we age, our skin loses its elasticity and gravity becomes our enemy. Because the skin can’t hold itself together the way it used to, our breasts during pre-menopause start to shift and sag, making women with voluptuous curves begin to wish they were less well-endowed.

However, smaller breasted women also have it rough during this period, because breast volume decreases as we age as well. Much like motherhood and post puberty, the breasts become a common source of insecurity during this stage in aging, but Dr. Rochlin can help you get your perk and your plump back with an augmentation and/or lift to fill your cups back out and put those ladies back in their place.

The Winter of Post-Menopause

Menopause, like pregnancy, also unleashes a torrent of hormonal changes on our bodies, only without the bouncing bundle of joy as a reward (though an end to periods is a reward in itself). Add to that fun (not) side effects like hair loss and the continued decrease in collagen that makes our skin go limp, and it is easy to see why some women don’t care for the aesthetic that menopause leaves in its wake.

However, a little nip and tuck and some TLC can take years off your appearance, and Dr. Rochlin is just the woman to give you that sip from the fountain of youth. Fillers can plump the places that need it, a face and eyebrow lift can make quick work of lines, folds, and wrinkles, and hair restoration will help fill out those thinning brows and mane. Overall, a few simple procedures can do a lot to restore your confidence and your youthful vibrancy.

We’ve Got You Covered

Essentially, there are popular cosmetic procedures to boost confidence and help you feel your best during any stage in your life. All women cycle through seasons of change that bring new joys and new challenges, both in everyday life and in their appearance. And, as a woman, Dr. Rochlin understands personally how these changes affect you. She understands the why, and she can help you find the how so you can look your best and feel your best for all the seasons of womanhood.