Compared to other liposuction procedures in Scottsdale AZ, chin liposuction recovery and swelling are pretty minimal. That’s because there are less fat and skin to remove from the chin and neck than the thighs, buttocks, and other places where liposuction is performed. The procedure itself takes less time, too, so patients get home sooner to rest and recover. 

Most liposuction procedures, including chin lipo, are done in outpatient surgery centers.

Chin Liposuction Recovery Time Is Usually One to Three Days

Some patients feel well enough after chin lipo to return to work the day after the procedure. Almost all are back within three days when the swelling has lessened, and many are fully recovered after a week.

Pain associated with chin lipo is usually minimal. Dr. Rochlin uses local anesthesia for the procedure itself to sedate the patient. 

But the chin and neck are sensitive areas. Dr. Rochlin strongly recommends patients to continue to wear a wrap or chin strap for about 2 weeks to minimize post-operative swelling and help the skin properly conform to the new neck contour. 

How to Sleep After Chin Liposuction and Other Recovery Tips

How to Sleep

Here are five tips that ease pain and swelling and assist with recovery for the first few days after surgery:

  1. Sleep in a recliner chair and keep the head elevated by at least 30°
  2. Have plenty of ice ready to keep on the surgical area
  3. Do not lift or bend over
  4. Make sure blood pressure is kept under control
  5. Do not take medications that can cause bruising. Typically this includes NSAID pain relievers, blood thinners, and many supplements. Dr. Rochlin will review your regular vitamin/supplement and medication regimen.

Dr. Rochlin may request you continue one or more of these steps after your post-surgery visit. Some people swell easily and benefit from additional icing until the swelling goes away. For some patients, total chin liposuction recovery time can be a couple of weeks. Still, most of the bruising and discomfort go away after a few days.

Patients See Cosmetic Benefits Even During Chin Liposuction Recovery Time

Liposuction works by making small incisions into the treatment area and inserting cannulas that suck out fluids and fat that have accumulated there. There is some bleeding. The stitches used in chin lipo are dissolvable and fall out, usually within a week to ten days. The procedure also includes tightening the skin to create attractive jawlines.

Patients often see improvements in their appearance even as they recover. Patients begin to see their new look once the swelling starts to subside. Losing a double chin, and sometimes excess neck skin can really make a striking facial improvement. The newly-tightened skin makes people look (and often feel) younger. 

When you consider how long to recover from chin liposuction – usually within a week – to how long does it last – seven to ten years – it’s easy to understand why it’s one of the most gratifying cosmetic procedures for men and women.

Fat Cells Removed By Liposuction Won’t Return

Liposuction removes fat cells from the body, and they won’t grow back. In fact, patients who gain weight after lipo won’t “grow” new cells since fat cells develop during puberty. Weight gain will expand the cells that remain.

However, patients who keep a healthy, normal weight will have long-lasting benefits from liposuction, particularly on the face. Gravity and lack of skin collagen contribute more to loosened skin. Genetics may play a role, too.

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