Earlobe repair surgery corrects earlobes that are congenitally deformed or damaged after an accident or gauges. It’s also performed to correct lobes that stretched after years of wearing heavy earrings, which left some patients needing torn earlobe repair or split earlobe repair. 

Today, earlobe repair is often requested to re-shape an earlobe stretched by gauging that, alas, did not shrink back to its old size. Other patients don’t like their enlarged earlobes. Ears and lobes continue to grow throughout a person’s life, so it’s not surprising that some older people are eager to reduce their ear and earlobe size.

Earlobe Repair Cost is Relatively Inexpensive

Generally speaking, earlobe repair surgery separate from overall ear surgery is one of the least expensive cosmetic surgery procedures. Most cost less than $2500. Obviously, more complicated cases can cost more. Stretched earlobe repair cost usually falls within this amount. Surgery is done on an outpatient basis and takes less than an hour and many times, under a half-hour. A local anesthetic is used, so the patient remains awake. 

Types of Earlobe Repair Surgery 

Considering how small earlobes are, it’s a little surprising how easily they can be injured. Luckily, cosmetic surgery can repair earlobe trauma from accidents, including lacerations, gauging, bites, yanking, and defects present at birth.

Split earlobe repair and stretched earlobe repair from gauging are probably the most common earlobe repair Dr. Rochlin performs. While earlobes will shrink back after plugs are removed, they won’t go back to their original shape and large gauges certainly won’t. Patients who need split earlobe or stretched lobe repair from other causes make up many of her other patients.

Earlobe Repair Surgery Recovery Process

Pretty much all earlobe surgery involves stitches used to close up holes and tears when elongated lobes are reduced.

It’s important to follow post-operation cleaning and protection guidelines to prevent infection and ensure proper healing. The lobe must be kept clean and dry. Patients can take over the counter medication to relieve any residual pain. Most patients do not experience much pain beyond mild discomfort after surgery.

Split earlobe repair includes fixing tears from pulls and accidents. If the split goes through the entire lobe or most of it, a pie wedge procedure is performed to remove damaged skin and tissues.

Earlobe reduction is similar to a pie wedge procedure. The surgeon cuts out a wedge of excess lobe tissue and reconstructs the lobe to a smaller size, using sutures to close the wound. Depending on the surgery needed and recovery, earlobe piercing is safe as soon as two months after surgery. Virtually all patients are completely healed after six months.

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