If you are considering breast augmentation in the Scottsdale area, implant choices abound. The first consideration that springs to mind is size, of course. We assume that size is what makes the greatest impact on our silhouette between before and after photos.

But the tricky thing about implants is that there are other considerations which make a difference in the way our breasts look after augmentation, sometimes a bigger difference, and that’s where shape and material come in.

MemoryGel Round Implants..the Popular Choice

Round silicone implants are, by far, the most popular choice for breast augmentation in Scottsdale and all over the world. There are a few different reasons for this.

The first is that silicone gel implants, like Mentor’s MemoryGel implants used by Dr. Rochlin, have a firmer, more natural feel than traditional silicone and they hold their shape better.

The second is that the round shape of the implant provides more fullness in the upper part of the breast than anatomical implants. This provides a more robust silhouette and more confidence for women who want plenty of volume in addition to a bigger cup size.

They also don’t have a different shape at one end like teardrop implants, so shifting won’t cause distortion. This means you can opt for a smooth texture, which feels more natural and is less likely to cause skin rippling.

Can MemoryGel Implants Still Look Natural?

breast implant shape

Yes and no. The reason for the “yes” is that the shape of the implant allows for more movement than with a teardrop, or anatomical implant. That means when you are standing up, gravity causes the gel to settle further to the bottom of the implant, giving a shape and silhouette similar to what you get from a teardrop implant. When you are laying down though, anatomical implants don’t move around like natural breast tissue does. They stay in place. Mentor’s MemoryGel round implants allow for some movement, making your breasts appear more natural when lying on your back.

The reason for the “no” is that the extra fullness in the upper part of the breast defies gravity, and doesn’t disappear when you are standing up. That makes them a less appealing option if you’re just looking for a little extra size or volume, but don’t want people to be able to “tell” that you have had breast augmentation. On the other hand, for many women, it is just this gravity-defying volume and cleavage that they’re looking for!

Your Opinion Matters

Round silicone implants have been a favored option since their inception, and their popularity shows no sign of slowing down, even in the face of the latest and greatest implant developments. Dr. Rochlin will certainly share her preferences with you, but her preference isn’t as important as yours. If you are looking for a surgeon to perform your breast augmentation in Scottsdale the way you want it, and who will give you an honest, unbiased opinion about what is best for you, your breasts, your goals, and your confidence, you won’t find a better choice than Dr. Rochlin.