Breast augmentation post-op care is as important as the surgical procedure itself. Patients who have had any kind of breast surgery should carefully follow their surgeon’s instructions to ensure complete healing with minimal scars.

Post Breast Augmentation Care is Similar to Other Post-Op Care

For some women, breast augmentation is a major surgery, particularly when it involves breast lifts. Understand that your daily norms are going to change while your body heals, even if you’ve had implants only.

Here are important post breast augmentation after care tips be followed for your own safety and to help the surgical wounds heal faster and without complications.

1. Prescription painkillers are powerful medications

Do not drive or drink alcohol while you are taking them. 

2. Keep the wounds dry

Depending on the procedure, this may be necessary for up to five days. 

3. Sponge baths only for a few days

4. Wear the surgical bra and compression bandages

If you’ve had other surgeries, you know these restrictions are normal for any post-op recovery. 

1 to 2 Days Post Op Breast Augmentation Care

You will have a post-op visit with Dr. Rochlin cosmetic surgeon, one to two days after surgery. She will check and change bandages, discuss your progress, and review restrictions on activities while you heal. These get easier to deal with, particularly as your pain recedes and you shower again.

Most women return to desk jobs after a few days. If your job requires physical activity, ask Dr. Rochlin what you can do and when. Remember not to drive if you’re still taking painkillers.

1 to 2 Weeks Post Op Breast Augmentation Care

1. Take your first shower 72 hours after the surgery, but no immersive bathing for about eight weeks. Gently and thoroughly dry the wound. Some women use hairdryers on the cool setting for this.

2. Continue wearing the surgical bra and compression band night and day until Dr. Rochlin gives you the go-ahead to take them off, which can be anywhere from two to four weeks. You can remove them for washing. 

3. Don’t lift anything over five pounds for at least two weeks.

4. Hold off on exercise and other activities that raise blood pressure for two weeks, including sex. 

Woman measuring her breasts with measurement tape

Two Weeks Post Breast Augmentation Surgery

Things begin to feel more normal two weeks after surgery.

You can begin to gradually resume normal exercise after six weeks, but wait for the 12-week mark for exercises that involve the chest muscles (yoga, push-ups) or that can cause your breasts to bounce. 

And a few final tips!

1. Don’t buy a new bra for at least two months. 

At that point, you will start to see the difference the implants make. As they continue to settle for another two months and swelling recedes, you may find you wear another size altogether.

2. Don’t wear an underwire for at least eight weeks. 

Dr. Rochlin may advise a longer timeframe.

3. You may feel some numbness or tingling for several weeks after surgery. 

This will gradually recede.

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