Spider veins are another name for broken capillaries, and they’re a common symptom of overexposure to the sun, harsh weather climates, or windburn. Sensitive skin types are most at risk for spider veins and are encouraged to apply preventative steps into their daily skincare routine.

If you have spider veins, you’ll know it. They look like little strands of red or purple hair beneath the skin, sometimes coiling and creating a web-like appearance and thus, earning their name “spider veins.”

While spider veins pose no threat to one’s health, they’re often disliked for the superficial disruption they cause on the skin’s surface.

Laser Treatment for Spider Veins on Face

The skin is a sensitive area for many. For those born with naturally glowing and strong skin, it is but the outer layer that naturally projects our inner beauty. But for many of us, the skin is a touchy topic that tends to flare up at different intervals in our lives and forbid our inner beauty from shining through, the very opposite of how we intend to treat ourselves.

Spider veins are one of those facial tendencies that happen naturally due to genetics, environmental factors, and by nature of being born with sensitive or fair skin. Today, one of the most common ways to remove spider veins is to use laser treatment therapy. The laser technology does not reverse or repair spider veins nor stop them from appearing again, but it does safely eliminate the hairline veins or red dots from the skin.

Laser Treatment for Veins on Face

Lasers are now the most common way to remove spider veins from the face. Spider veins are thin blood vessels just beneath the surface of the skin; they’re so tiny, they’re the size of only one cell. But even as the smallest of the body’s vessels, these capillaries still transport oxygen and important nutrients. These delicate capillaries get so close to the surface of the skin, environmental factors such as UV light and wind can quickly put them in a vulnerable position. In situations such as overexposure to the sun, the capillary becomes inflamed and breaks.

Then, the broken capillary becomes apparent on the face. Since the broken blood vessel no longer serves a function and cannot be repaired or restored to health, it is safe to remove it via laser.

Laser Vein Treatment is Safe and Effective

When treating spider veins on the face, a laser targets the visibly broken capillary; a protein called hemoglobin appears in the blood vessel to absorb the laser beam as the capillary is destroyed. Now, the capillary might rise to a prominent appearance on the face, and then slowly dissolve and disappear. The timing of dissolution varies from immediate to a few weeks post-treatment.

Laser Vein Treatment is Safe and Effective

Who Tends to Get Spider Veins on the Face?

Spider veins are results of skin type, genetics, and environment. Most often, individuals with fair and sensitive skin see spider veins.

Causes of Spider Veins

Spider veins are caused by environmental factors such as:

  • Overexposure to sun
  • Windburn
  • Toxic air
  • Genetics
  • Drastic changes in climate

They can however also be caused by excessive drinking or smoking.

What Can I Expect in a Laser Treatment?

Laser treatment is a swift procedure that lasts up to a few minutes at most. Activities can be resumed immediately, though icing is encouraged right away up to thirty minutes after the procedure. Remember, the skin is still vulnerable. While you can apply creams and makeup right after the treatment, it’s best to be careful and avoid harsh weather and sun.

How to Prevent Spider Veins?

  • Pack portable skin protection, including zinc or sunscreen
  • Avoid facial exposure to harsh weather, such as cold and wind
  • Protect your face from the sun, using hats and shade
  • Avoid excessive drinking and smoking

Dr. Semone Rochlin

Dr. Semone Rochlin’s expertise in cosmetic and reconstructive surgery has provided her with immense context for skin types and the best remedy courses of action to take in order to achieve smooth, glowing skin. If you have facial spider veins that you would like to consider removing or wish to know more about treatment options, schedule your consultation. Dr. Rochlin is appreciated by her patients for her honest feedback and breadth of experience. She will safely curate each patient’s treatment plan for renewed skin and glowing self-confidence. Book your appointment today or reach out to our team to learn more about our services.