Botox for Sweating 

Receiving Botox in the armpits has become one of the most popular ways to combat excessive sweating in people with overactive sweat glands. The treatments are safe, easy, regulated and affordable. 

Botox for Underarm Sweating Is Safe and Easy

Botox prohibits the armpits from over-sweating by blocking nerve signals in the sweat glands. Basically, the gland can no longer ask the brain to make it sweat. Treatments are useful for patients who have been diagnosed with overactive glands that produce an unnecessary amount of sweat per the body’s needs. For those concerned about eliminating these exit areas, sweat glands are only two percent of the body’s sweat glands. This means there are plenty more opportunities for eliminating sweat and heat from the body.

Benefits of Botox for Armpit Sweating

Benefits of Botox for Armpit Sweating

You can expect a number of benefits from botox treatments for armpit sweat. Here are just a few that clients most commonly report: 

  • Minimal to no sweat: Alas, enjoy days uninterrupted by unsightly or sudden attacks of over-sweating.
  • Minimally-invasive: Botox is a minimally invasive treatment, and most patients report no undesirable side effects.
  • Reduce odor: With less sweat produced, there is also a significant reduction in odor released from the armpit region.
  • Non-permanent: Getting botox to reduce the output of sweat glands is not a permanent decision. Since treatments last between four and six months, you can try one round or a few rounds and see if you like the results. At any time, you can discontinue Botox treatments, and your sweat glands will return to regular production.

Armpit Botox Cost

The cost of treatment depends on the practitioner and the number of units needed. Most patients can expect a cost range of $500-$1,500/treatment. Remember, most clients need treatment every five months. Before receiving treatment, you can speak with your practitioner to get a narrow idea of how much to plan to invest upfront and per treatment thereafter. 

Alternative Options

When deciding on the best treatment plan for your overactive armpit sweat glands, other options are available. You can learn more about a couple of the most common ones below.

Who Is a Candidate

The first thing to do if you’re interested in Botox for overactive sweat glands is to speak with your primary physician and to see an experienced practitioner. It is important that you receive expert education and guidance on which treatment plans are best for you and your desired results. 

  • Healthy
  • Diagnosed overactive sweat glands
  • Committed to the long-term treatment plan

What to Expect

Botox in the armpits is relatively painless; patients report feeling bug-bite-like sensation for up to a few minutes. Depending on sensitivity, you might ask your injecting practitioner about cautionary steps to take. Additionally, most treatments include a provisionary numbing ointment on the area. This allows for minimal discomfort and maximum benefits in repeat visits.

Here are a few more basic steps to prepare for ahead of time.

  • Retreatment every four to six months. Depending on your natural nerve regeneration timeline, a practitioner will schedule treatments around every five months. As the botox begins to wear off, you will observe the sweat returning. It will likely be moderate; should the excessive sweat return, let your practitioner know so you can schedule more frequent or more aggressive treatment.
  • Slight discomfort. You might experience brief and light discomfort in the armpit region for up to a few hours after treatment. Plan to take an easy afternoon after treatment and indulge in activities that promote a calm, relaxed mind.
  • Living sweat-free. Believe it or not, you will most likely experience days and activities without any sweat at all. Most patients report 50% less sweat within ten days of treatment and significant reduction if not the eradication of odor.

How to Prepare

There is not a ton to do to prepare for your treatment, but we believe it’s best to feel overly prepared and fully equipped with what to expect before coming in for your appointment. Here are a few points to keep in mind:

  • Before coming in for treatment, avoid taking any blood-thinning medications and supplements including Aspirin, multivitamins and Vitamin E. Refraining from these types of substances for at least two weeks before treatment will help maximize results.
  • Plan for rest and recovery. Recovery is minimal, but it’s still on the list. Plan your treatment for a low-impact and light-load day so you can take time to relax, rejuvenate and promote a calm body and mind as the botox begins to set in.
  • Ask your practitioner. If you have any questions or concerns about the treatment or your day-of, get in contact with your practitioner before coming in. It’s best to be confident, up-to-speed and fully educated before coming in for treatment.

Let Us Know About Your Experience

Have you received Botox or other treatments to reduce excessive armpit sweat? We’d love to know more and to share your experience with our online community. Leave a reply with your story or advice in the comments below.

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